What You Need to Know About Google Penalties

When your website ranking is affected negatively, it can be as a result of a penalty. Google penalties can occur due to two main reasons. They include review of the manual and updating of algorithms used by Google. The common indicator that your website has been penalized is when there is an immediate drop of the number of visitors in your site. Furthermore, the ranking of your website will drop.

How to find out if your site has been penalized

You cannot tell if your website has been penalized by just viewing it. The good news is that Google has several tools that can be applied. You will enjoy the fact that these apparatus are free.  They will help not only in optimizing your website but also monitoring it. By simply signing into your website, you will find out whether the website has been penalized. This is because you will be notified.

Searching for the brand name of your industry is another way of finding out if you have suffered from Google penalties. When your brand name is not in the top rank, this could indicate that something is wrong.

Google analytics can be very helpful in this process. You do not have to incur any charges when using it as it is available at no cost. It helps in ensuring that your website is safe. It can keep you updated on any changes occurring in the traffic experienced in your website. Another benefit is that it updates you on Google activities. There are some updates that may affect your site. It is crucial that in this situation you have to carry out the right measures.

There are third party gears that are effective in finding out if a site is penalized. You can find these apparatus online. There are some which will cost some dollars while others are free. You should take your time in looking at those available and determine which one will suit your needs.

What are the effects of the penalties?

  • Websites offering content that has poor quality are likely to be penalized. If your site has been penalized due to this reason, you will experience a steady reduction of the traffic experienced in your website. You will experience problems in the ranking of the website. This is despite having many links leading to your website.
  • Sites that are using poor links also face penalties. When your website has faced this type of penalty, your target keyword will have a poor ranking. Pages with the keyword will be removed.

Google penalties can cause serious problems to your online business. To avoid your website from getting penalized, you should adhere to the rules and regulation provided by search engines. Training on search engine optimization techniques may be essential in learning how to avoid these penalties from affecting your website. There are different trainers available online and locally where you can seek these services from. Ensure that you go for reputable and best SEO professionals who will help in understanding all that is involved in the industry.

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