3 SEO Tricks You Probably Haven’t Used (but Should)

Search engine optimization or SEO is never a one-time thing. You can’t simply optimize your site for SEO purposes once and expect it to perform well from then on. Search engines update their algorithms regularly. Crawlers view websites differently too. Updates and continuous efforts are needed to maintain good SEO performance.

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There are simple tips and tricks you can use to keep your site performing well SEO-wise. Strategies such as updating the site and publishing new content regularly are working well, and so are tricks such as optimizing site performance and improving the user experience. In this article, we are going to review three more SEO tricks you probably haven’t used.

Add Social Media Links

I can’t stress enough just how important social media URLs and related elements are, especially in today’s market. You gain two things from adding consistent social media URLs to your site. First, you allow visitors to find you on social media easily. This leads to a quick growth in social media presence and the ability to connect with potential customers directly. Your brand will also be seen as more amiable when people can connect with you on social media.

The second advantage is a boost in SEO performance. Crawlers will follow those social media URLs and the search engine algorithms will quickly link your site to your social media presence. You can appear on the first page of search results more consistently this way, especially now that search engines like Google also index (and display) social media posts from Twitter and Facebook.

Limit the Use of JavaScript

JavaScript is great as a web development instrument. You can add features and animations to the site using nothing but JavaScript. It is also easy to add interactive elements that can help engage the audience more. For search engines, however, JavaScript isn’t always a good thing.

For starters, JavaScript doesn’t always work on mobile browsers. Excessive use of JavaScript can also hamper crawling since crawlers may not be able to read portions of the site without the script working properly. Let’s not forget that hidden elements, popups, and other JavaScript-dependent content often ruins the structure of the page when they’re not programmed properly.

Secure and Accessible Design

There are two new things that search engines now take into account when ranking websites. The first one is security. Sites that use proper SSL security will rank higher compared to sites that are unsecured. Switching to HTTPS is now a necessity. Fortunately, you also have Letsencrypt offering free SSL security to site owners.

Accessible design is the second thing. It is all about ensuring a positive user experience. For top providers of SEO services such as SnapAgency, accessible design becomes a primary focus. Cross-browser compatibility, fast loading of every page, and a good and consistent flow from page to page are among the details to attend to if you want to boost your site’s SEO performance.

The good news is that these tricks are easy to implement. Be sure to integrate them into your existing SEO strategy in order to appear on the first page of search results more consistently.

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